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MKHS Water Rowing Machines for Home use 330lbs Weight Capacity, Water Rower Machine Exercise Equipment & Health and Fitness Rowing Machine with Large LCD Display Cardio Machines for Home Gym Use?

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13th Feb 2022

Greetings – I went with this rower


Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase, especially at the price point. Like some of its reviews indicate, I do wish it had a bit more resistance built into it. I do not use it as much as I thought I would, but appreciate the variety it brings to my workouts.

Good luck!

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7th Aug 2021

Thank you (and everyone else) for the great replies. I am looking to row primarily for weight loss. My excess weight is 98% in my midsection. I have been using Apple Fitness plus regularly for about 8 months and would like to add some variety to my workouts. I am also looking to improve flexibility through my back and loosen up my hips more – that is how I landed on rowing.

Problem with the concept 2 is that it is a bit out of the range I am comfortable spending considering I am just starting out. I don’t necessarily have a problem with paying for a high quality machine, but considering I am just starting out I would rather be a bit more conservative. This is the specific unit I am considering on Amazon….