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Mistel BAROCCO MD770 RGB LED Backlit TKL Split Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switch, Ergonomic Keyboard with Orange Letter PBT Double Shot Keycaps for Windows and Mac, Macro Support, ANSI/US?

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16th Dec 2020

I gotchu. The prebuild option would probably be a Mistel Barocco of some variety or the Kineses Freestyle Pro or Freestyle Edge if you really want RGB

YMDK SP64 is a more customizable but still easy option, since it’s hot swap and therefore all you need to do is add switches and keycaps.

If you want a slightly stranger layout there’s the Dygma Raise

There’s also places that do split ergo kits that will mostly assemble them with the funky soldering for you, like Boardsource, but they tend to go more into the “ergo” side of ergonomic boards rather than have