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Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist – Kbeauty concentrated essence with moisturizing antioxidants to moisturize & refine – Amazon QR Code Verified for Authenticity?

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9th Aug 2018

If I wanted to buy the Missha Time Revolution FTE from Amazon would this be the correct product? Some people in the comments say it’s a dupe so I want to make sure I’d be getting an authentic product.

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27th Jul 2020

Well, I don’t blame you for not wanting to put new things on your skin but here is the issue. Your skin’s cellular turnover has been expedited so fast, it’s natural sebum production and skin barrier function is broken. If you put thick moisturizers (like aquaphor), it will not push moisturizer back into the skin…it just kinda sits on top of the skin and waits for your skin to work it out on its own. If you push thin, watery hydrating elements deep into your skin, your skin will drink it up and sebum production will be able to be restored when your skin gets the signal that all is well. If you want to stay on tret, I would recommend getting Missha Time Revolution essence. It has simple, fermented ingredients which your skin will drink up without aggravating acne. Pat it into your damp skin and wait a few minutes (not till it’s dry) and repeat. This is called the 7 skin method and while it is not required to be done 7 times, the deeper the moisturizing layers ingredients permeates your skin.

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21st Feb 2018

I’m sure it’s been discussed here before, but why is the pricing for Missha’s FTE so drastically different?

It’s less than $25 on Amazon and Target



But on Sokoglam and Missha it’s $49



Are the Target and Amazon not authentic? Past their expiration?

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16th Jan 2018

Why is Missha essence sold so cheaply on Amazon??!?! None of the reviews say its fake either!