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Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive 150ml- Kbeauty concentrated essence with moisturizing antioxidants to condition, clarify, refine for clean and bright complexion?

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2nd Jan 2019

Hi! Where do you normally buy it? I found this on Amazon but the most recent reviews seem to say it’s a switch and bait between the Essence and the Essence Moist.

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3rd Jan 2018

My routine:

Body soap: Any natural soap bar that smells good from my coop and comes in paper packaging

Shampoo and conditioner: This shampoo bar has been perfect. I wasn’t ever happy with any conditioner bars I tried so I recently ordered a bottle of Plaine conditioner and am excited to try it. I also used to do No-Poo using light rye flour as shampoo and a honey/ACV rinse for conditioner. It’s a bit more time consuming, but it worked, I just stopped being able to find the rye flour plastic-free so I switched.

Deodorant: I love this deodorant by Fat and the Moon. Many other natural deodorants have baking soda in them which irritates my pits, not this one. Planning on duping it when I’m done.

Body lotion: Just use Shea butter that comes in a glass jar.

Hair styling: I use Shea butter on the ends to moisturize and separate locks a bit. I make a sugar/salt spray that gives my hair some grit and texture and defines my waves. I also make a dry shampoo out of clay, arrowroot powder and cocoa powder.

Toothpaste and mouthwash. Still working my way through the handful of random mainstream toothpaste bottles we seem to have all over my house. When we’re through with them though I plan on making this this recipie. I use a bamboo toothbrush. For mouthwash I make my own using water, baking soda, sea salt and xylitol.

Face wash: Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar I have sensitive acne prone skin and this soap is pH balanced and gentle for me. I also use honey as a face wash in the morning when I don’t need to remove makeup.

Face scrub/treatment: I make a gentle face scrub with 90% rice bran and 10% chamomile and a few drops of Vit. E oil. Scrub it on, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse, skin is nice and soft. I duped it after this product by Plant.

Toner: Mix of 70% Witch hazel and 30% ACV that both come in glass bottles applied with a cloth pad.

Essence: Missha Time Revolution Comes in a glass bottle and lasts forever so I feel OK about it, I have very dry skin and this stuff has been great. I put it in a spray bottle for quick application and so I can spritz it on throughout the day for a refresh.

Moisturizer: I apply some Marula oil and Shea butter to top everything off, both come in glass.

Chapstick: During the winter I’m still addicted to Bite Beauty’s lip mask, nothing else I’ve found compares. In the summer though I can get away with just using Shea butter or lanolin that comes in glass/tin packaging.

Whew…think that’s it. I don’t really have makeup recommendations as I’m still working through my old stuff I bought before going low-waste. I hardly wear makeup anymore so it’ll be a while!

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20th Mar 2018

I suggest adding this to your routine after cleansing and before moisturizer: https://www.amazon.com/MISSHA-Revolution-First-Treatment-Essence/dp/B00N1NXU46

I really like it and it helps my skin feel more hydrated!

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23rd Nov 2018

What’s the difference between Amazon ($25) and their website ($29)?


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28th Oct 2018

The Missha FTE is only $28 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/MISSHA-Revolution-Treatment-Essence-Intensive/dp/B00N1NXU46


I don’t think it’s ever really been sold at $48, except for Target. Is Sokoglam selling it for $48?