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3rd May 2021

Hi, I’m an Asian female living in a very hot and humid tropical country. Could anyone recommend tips/a regimen that can deal with frizzy hair and an itchy and oily scalp that occasionally has dandruff? I’ve tried washing every other day but my head ends up too oily on the days that I don’t wash because of the climate I live in. (Humidity is usually at 71% and above while the temperature’s around 34°C.) What should I do to deal with this? Also, is there any way I can make my hair thicker (e.g. deal with bald spots) and grow longer faster? I need it to be at least 16 inches if I want to donate it. My hair also curls up a bit (but not to the point of tight coils) when I don’t brush it, so is brushing related to why it’s frizzy? Although when I don’t brush, my hair is super messy. My diet is normal I suppose? I don’t take any vitamins and I don’t know much about good hair foods. I have been sleeping late (around 2am) more recently, however. Any tips/product/hair food recommendations are very much appreciated, and I’m willing to change anything in my routine if it means my hair health can improve. Thank you so much!