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MIRO-NR08M Completely Washable Modular Sanitary Humidifier, Large room, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Luma Touch – Premium Cool-Mist Humidifier. Touch Control Colorful LEDs, Powerful humidification?

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28th Apr 2021

We just use a cool mist one, I think it was $35 or so at target? Nothing fancy at all. Just a dial on the front so you can turn on/off and set how much output you want. (It does have auto off which is good so the machine shuts off when it runs out of water instead of burning the unit out.) Has worked fine.

For us the biggest pain is cleaning it. I hate cleaning humidifiers. It has to be done so you don’t cause bugger health issues by breathing in mold/mildew etc. Still a pain. But I have yet to have one that’s NOT a pain to clean. And doesn’t leave you wondering if you really cleaned it well enough. (I always use distilled water which I do think helps.)

I did lots of searching and the one below seems to be very easy to clean but it’s over $150 and that seems steep for what it is. I am still considering buying it bc it does seem easier to clean than what I have but who knows.

Good luck!