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2nd Jul 2018

You don’t need to work out to lose weight.

But, it’s great to do it, and you’ll be healthier. To lose weight, all you need to do is work your big muscle groups with some basic weight training once a week. Like seriously, just spend 15 minutes doing a whole body bodyweight thing. Lunges, planks, crunches, etc. This keeps your bones and muscles from atrophying while you’re cutting calories. TRUST ME, DO THIS.

Then walk. Walk as much as you can. Particularly when you’re obese, walking can burn a lot of calories. Once you’re not obese anymore, you might find adding additional exercises helps more. But at first, just walk.

That’s it. If you can’t walk, find something you can do that gets your heartrate up 3x a week or so. Ride a bike, swim, jump on one of those small trampolines, even an arm rowing machine (like this) burns tons of calories if you’re using good form and using your big back muscles.

The bigger the muscle you’re using, the more calories it’ll burn. Upper legs and butt are the largest, but your back muscles (“lats”) are a lot larger than people think. That’s why a rowing machine or elliptical that adds the arm swings burn the most calories, because you’re targeting the two biggest skeletal muscle groups that’ll burn the most if you move them.