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Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet&Dry Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filter with Cigarette Lighter Plug 14.7ft/4.5M Power Cord Orange?

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3rd Aug 2020

Seat covers help protect the seats from the animals. If you can find some that are easy to put on/take off and washable that helps a lot.

Keep trash bags in the glove compartment so its easy to bag and remove garbage when you exit the vehicle.

You could even go so far as to keep a dustbuster that can plug into your cars lighter or usb (depending on the age of your car) in the vehicle to quickly clean up as needed.

Schedule car cleaning time. Just like you might have a set aside weekly or monthly for other tasks around the home, do the same to tidy up the car.

To get you started, remove all the garbage and take the car in to get detailed. Then its squeaky clean and will give you the motivation to keep it that way.