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MindKoo Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone, LED Light Up Over Ear Headphones, Volume Control and Foldable Headset for Tablet/PC/iPad/Cell Phones, Gift for Kids Boys & Girls?

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7th Dec 2021

I’m a year into HRT, socially out, and here are some of the things I got and loved:

  • Bluetooth cat ear headphones. These work great with listening to music on my phone, and in a pinch can handle a phone call but I have to kind of yell for the embedded mic to pick up my voice. But there is also a 3.5mm cord with mic that works a lot better.

  • USB cat ear headphones. These are for my computer, and honestly the nicest headphones I’ve ever had. Super comfortable, very decent sound, and a hardware switch for the mic. Add the stand for even more cute.

  • Headbands, hair clips, hair rubber bands — basically lots of ways to keep hair out of my eyes as it grew out through the awkward stages. The metal hairbands were nice too because I could “boymode” for several months safely.

  • Pink/lavender sneakers in a men’s size 12, thanks to Nordstrom Rack, and only $50. When my boymode sneakers died, these became my mainstays.

  • Nail polish. Nail polish remover. Nail files. Clearcoat. Lots of nail things lol. It takes a few months to properly grow out nails, if she wants to do that, and playing with colors can be so fun all along the way!

  • New glasses. FYI it is common for an eye prescription to change on HRT. I was ready for new ones at six months, and got some cute frames that make me feel a lot happier.

No matter what, it sounds like she is lucky to have you.