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Mind Reader FTHEIGHT-BLK Ergonomic Foot Rest, Height Adjustable Non-Slip Universal, Black?

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15th May 2021

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Product name: Mind Reader FTHEIGHT-BLK Ergonomic Foot Rest, Height Adjustable Non-Slip Universal, Black


  • ULTIMATE ELEVATING ERGONOMIC FOOT REST: Improve leg circulation, positioning and height with the Mind Reader leg and foot support designed to provide comfort and increase circulation while sitting. Use at home or under your desk at work while sitting for long periods of time – allow legs and ankles to move and improve overall blood flow and keep your legs elevated and moving while you sit.
  • INCREASE LEG & BACK COMFORT WHILE SITTING: Proper posture and sitting position are key to overall comfort – making sure your legs and feet are positioned comfortably while you work or while sitting at home allows you to maintain overall comfort throughout the day – when you sit with correct posture you help your neck, back, feet overall comfort and wellness – versatile enough to use for your head and neck while chilling on the floor at home.
  • ONE FOR HOME, OFFICE or DORM: Make sure you and your friends and family are comfortable at home, at work or away at college – look for simple inexpensive ways to reduce pain created by sitting for long periods of time by creating your most optimal sitting posture – don’t neglect your back, neck and feet at home or work – make sure your create a comfortable environment anywhere you sit for extended periods of time.
  • CONVENIENT HANDLE AND ADJUSTABLE POSITIONING: Handle for easy carrying and solid platform for your feet make this leg and foot rest unique – light weight and easy to move – simple storage – adjustable tilt allows you to determine the most comfortable positioning for you – optimal leg positioning is good for over all posture.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Simple Assembly| Non-Slip | Holds up to 66lbs | 5 STAR Reviews | Material: steel – black | Measures 13. 5″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 14. 5″ (H)
  • VERSATILE SOLUTION FOR BACK NECK LEGS HEAD: Your sitting position is important to your overall physical health – muscles and nerves align when you sit properly including upper body posture and leg positioning – get comfortable with Mind Reader leg and foot swinging support provides comfort and relieves stress – supports vertebrae by lifting legs into a comfortable position while sitting.
  • PLATFORM FOOT REST MAKES A GREAT GIFT: No matter the occasion, your friends, family, colleagues, teachers and siblings will appreciate that you care enough to give them this health and wellness promoting Mind Reader leg raising angled footrest – perfect for holidays, birthdays, housewarming for his & her gift, grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, teacher’s gifts and more – give the gift of comfort!
  • COMFORT RELIEF FOR ALL AGES: Start them young with proper posture and leg positioning guidance and teach healthy living and taking care of your feet which leads to overall wellness – when your legs and feet are happy the rest of your body benefits – grandparents, parents, teachers and siblings will thank you for this thoughtful gift – leg raising multi-purpose memory foam cushion is easy to use.
  • GREAT VALUE – BUY MORE THAN ONE: Mind Reader sturdy metal leg rest with adjustability for increased circulation go a long way at home or work – double your healthy benefit to make sure you have one where ever you spend long periods of time sitting – not for standing on – apply pressure gently – perfect for his and hers GIFTS- you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful gift of comfort.
  • STURDY DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Lightweight construction makes these easy to move from kitchen to your comfy couch to home office – give to your favorite colleague at work or boss who could benefit from this health promoting footrest leg lifting device – leave under your desk at work or use at home on your couch for your feet – it’s easy to use this comfort leg and foot support anywhere.

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