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Mind Gym : An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence?

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19th Feb 2016

This is definitely an issue I share. Probably the biggest fault in my Jiu Jitsu if I was honest and I’m working at it at the moment.

There are some great books which will help you learn about how to mentally prepare for sport. 10 minute toughness was spoken about before. I’m currently reading Mind Gym http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Gym-Athletes-Guide-Excellence/dp/0071395970

It’s funny I never thought Sports Psychology was important until I actually needed it. Like drilling moves or working on your cardio it’s a skill you’ll need to work at. If you find something that helps you please hit me back.

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30th Apr 2015

Mind Gym is the one that seems to go around the competitors at our gym a lot. Mostly positive reviews.

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16th Dec 2013

i like this book and found it pretty helpful

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25th Nov 2011

Most of his points hit the nail on the head (from my perspective). However, one thing I noticed was that in part one he criticized the team for not correcting his mistakes, and then later on he said how is he supposed to get better if they keep bringing up all the stuff he does wrong.

That kind of attitude is probably (just from an outside perspective) the reason they were reluctant to bring it up recently.

If you can’t put emotions and egos aside (This goes for all CLG members) and take objective criticism without having a knee jerk reaction, then you will never reach your full potential as a player. I would recommend working on your mentality some. I haven’t read it myself, however some of the SC2 EG guys said “The Mind Gym” helped them with their mental game a lot.