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Micca OoO Center Channel Bookshelf Speaker with 3-Inch Woofers and Silk Tweeter (Dark Walnut, Each)?

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14th Dec 2020

As u/squidbrand said, these Edifiers are pretty much the cheapest speakers worth having, and there isn’t much smaller than it.

One that I can think of is the Micca OoO. They usually sell them in pairs but I can’t seem to find that. I guess they’re out of stock currently so they only have the centers for sale. Anyways, it’s the exact same speaker. Just buy two of these. They’re taller but skinnier, so they should fit next to your monitors easier (I assume this is the issue but I don’t know for sure).

You’ll need an amp with them. The SMSL SA50 is what I’d do.

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16th Dec 2020

Ok, good. That’s a modern receiver that should work well in this budget.

You could go with….
3 of these and at a sub later

These would probably do “ok” without a sub

Also decent

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4th Dec 2021

Maybe a pair of these oriented horizontally?


They usually have a pair for $100, but they’re currently unavailable.

Of course, you would also need an amplifier.

If even those are too big, maybe these?


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27th Aug 2020

Do you think this ones okay? It’s really small so I think it’d be fine for my room. I’m sorry I know nothing about speakers


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18th Aug 2020

I prefer Micca stuff to the Dayton bookshelves.

You could buy a pair + a single of the OoO bookshelf, or a pair of MB42x and an RB 42-C for your LCR for around $150ish then add sub of choice.
Micca OoO


RB 42-C

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29th Nov 2020

It looks as if your system will accept any speakers, even the full five. Does your sub not send any centre channel sound? I would suggest buying rear speakers first to give the full surround sound.

The difficulty with 5.1 audio is matching the speakers correctly. It is best to make certain that all the speakers are of the same set. If you just buy a centre speaker, it may overwhelm the audio from the 2 Onkyo left and right. There is this thing (one example, there are others like the ones you mentioned I guess) : https://www.amazon.ca/Micca-OoO-Channel-Bookshelf-Speaker/dp/B07WHZR6XD but it is definitely more speaker than the tiny left and right Onkyo speakers. That may be all you hear, but hopefully there is an option to turn down the volume of the centre channel.

Don’t know what city you live in, but if it is larger it should be easy to find a full set of 5 speakers in Thrift shops, I see them all the time here, that way the audio will be matched.