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Micca ON3 3-Inch Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Remote Control, 48 Watts (24W x 2) RMS Power, Front and Rear Input Jacks (Renewed)?

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19th Feb 2019

Then I would just get a small BT speaker (those I listed are 2 of the best for cheap) or if you really want something that looks and sounds like speakers the cheapest option I can think of would be Micca ON3.

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14th Feb 2019

Yeah, not filling a 17 x 8 room with music for $50. Best $50 options Ive seen right now is this Micca ON3 but I highly doubt that gets very loud in a big room. Obviously much louder and better sounding than the Oontz though.

This Dayton + Lepai set is literally the only other option I can think of for $50.