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Metal Bed Frame Full Size with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Platform Base Wrought Iron Bed Frame Black?

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14th May 2019

I bought a metal bed frame back in high school before I really was thinking about kink. It’s still with me at 24 years old and actually has a ton of places to tie to unintentionally. It’s not noisy in any way, even after 8 years, and was reasonably priced where I got it.

A bed frame like this one has a lot of little places you can tie to without modification. And it’s metal so it tends to be pretty durable (I’ve had my bed frame for 8 years now, still holding up strong).

No bed should ever be squeaky out of the factory/box. If it is, something is likely not tightened quite right.

As to mattresses, I’d go to a store and just lay on some. Even if you don’t buy one from that store. At least to get a starting idea of your preferences.

The cheaper you go, the faster that mattress is going to wear out. My partner and I got a cheaper memory foam one from Amazon. It is definitely fine but it’s showing it’s wear after only 2 years. Look for reviews of people who have used the mattress for awhile, not just for a few nights or a week.