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Merax U-Knight Series Racing Style Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back PU Leather (Red)?

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2nd May 2019

I use this chair off Amazon and its been great since I got it over a year and half ago.

I also enjoy this chair cause of my Lower back problem I have and makes long sessions more enjoyable and comfy.

I’m 6’2 and Im able to lean all the way back and its able to hold myself up.

The price of it now is $146.

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13th May 2019

Okay, I know there is a hate thing going on for “racing chairs”. But I do have a very bad lower back that affect my left leg and soon to be right as well for the past 3 years now. So I know what you kind of looking for.

I’ve been using this chair I got off amazon cause its ability to learn back and relax and hold your bodyweight in place. along with the pillow supports for your lower back. I find it to be comfy in for very long use you are looking for.

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28th Mar 2019

What are you guys spending so much money on?

I spend $150 on this chair, and got a second for my Gf and she loves it too.

I enjoy this chair even though I have two low herniated discs in my spine.


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29th Aug 2017

I bought mine through Amazon – link

Really sturdy and comfortable. The chair arms are a bit wobbly even when adjusted but you don’t notice unless you’re playing with them. The price was awesome too! Check it out ♥