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Merax Floor Sofa Chair Foldable Sleeper Chair Padded Gaming Chair for Kids Comfortable Back Support Great for Reading /Games /Meditating(Brown)?

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14th Oct 2016

Have you ever been at a Goenka retreat where you weren’t allowed to bring your own cushion and zabuton?

I have my first retreat in first week of January and want to bring a floor chair—it’s similar to the “Backjack” that some mediators use. (Edit: here’s what I bought and plan to bring on my retreat: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015GPH6NM)

But I’ve heard some of these Goenka outfits are super strict and don’t want you to make it easier on yourself by having something like back support while sitting.

Any observations from your experiences relevant to my concerns that you mind sharing?