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Men’s Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles with through Performance-based Conditioning?

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11th Aug 2021

There is a fantastic older book that was put out by men’s health. I also highly recommend it. I learned so much early on from this book. It gave me the ability to create workouts involving mostly compound movements that I have been using for nearly 15 years. I love it. Now I just need to figure out how to stop eating ice cream.

Power Training

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20th May 2016

Seems like you are just starting out. If so, I can’t recommend this book enough to people. It’s what got me started and gave me the foundation to build on.

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11th Aug 2010

That is pretty good advice. I’d also check out this book…


I don’t think there is a better guide out there right now of any type for either weightlifting or even fitness. This should be your guide. You’ll be a changed man.

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5th Oct 2010

I think that one of the best programs I have ever seen is this one:


Read some of the reviews, especially the one by the physician. My personal testimony is that it’s the best lifting-strenghtening program I’ve ever undertaken. It’s well balanced and rock solid practical advice.

Make sure you do the lifts properly, and use a lighter weight than you think you will need. I use this book with kettlebell and dumbells and an olympic weight bar, and that’s all I need.

The rippetoes is also a very simliar olympic lift style program. Either way, Olympic Lifts + Proper Form is the foundation you need.

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30th Jan 2022

The first step is to having the curiosity. Kudos to you.
My recommendations: read some books. This one are the best for me

  • Men’s Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles


Even if this one is based on weightlifting, it teaches you the basics about muscular planes, push and pull, which allows you to design your own routine

  • Convict Conditioning


This one is simple and gives you a very good progression for the main bodyweight exercises. Im not a fan of the routines, but its very well explained and a good mix with the previous book.

Some people also refers to “Overcoming Gravity”, but i have t read it yet, so i cant say anything about it besides the fact that is mentioned a lot.

I hope this helps. Good luck, and be careful to not overtrain. Injuries last for weeks and can very very discouraging.