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Memory Foam Pillow with Arm Hole,Anti-Hand Numb Desk Nap Sleeping Pillow Multifunction Health Neck Couple Pillow 2019 Patent,1Pack?

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29th Oct 2021

Thanks, and yes, these are the basics of what to do, and if you are having trouble, how to try to adjust. Great instructions, and I know I didn’t list the basics, because this is a seemingly more difficult issue that the general instructions have failed me to this point. Which is why I made this post, hoping to have some outside of the normal solutions because I haven’t been able to keep wearing my CPAP in a couple of years time. I have given up at this point, as the problem seems too much to be able to adapt to.

However I am in really bad shape now. I need to have another evaluation, and mask fitting, so hopefully I know better what to ask for. I can only theorize at this point as my equipment hasn’t been in service for almost 2 years.

I had hope for a bit because I found a new pillow that allows my arm to be under my head but it simply didn’t work long term and I had neck and back pain that kept me nearly immobile for months. It was promising though because it was a small arch with memory foam and I could have my nose down, however in mask trial runs, the way that my chubby cheeks contort to the pillow, the angle of the seal changes, seemingly being problematic.

I try to adjust it to my face after I am face planted, but see this isn’t my core problem. After I am asleep I can no longer control it. So no matter how much intent I put into it, I haven’t had luck and it doesn’t look very hopeful. I have been putting off setting up another test as I have went to a different pillow after the neck problem.


I haven’t really found much through this post, but still will set up the test and work toward finding a way because I am miserable.

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26th Oct 2021

Thank you!

I had looked at this one, and went with one that was https://www.amazon.com/Gtest-Memory-Anti-Hand-Sleeping-Multifunction/dp/B07WSFXXGL/