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Memory Foam Gaming Chair, Adjustable Tilt Angle and 3D Armrest Ergonomic High-Back Leather Racing Executive Computer Desk Office Metal Base (Grey)?

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24th Aug 2021

Just search for gaming chairs on Amazon, filter by price, and ignore the ones with embarrassing colors. I have this one, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not over 6 feet tall. Gaming chairs are actually pretty underrated IMO, they’re usually highly adjustable, comfortable, and low priced.

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20th Apr 2019

Currently using the chair that I wanted to upgrade from. I’d hate to buy a gaming chair but it seems like it’s my only option. Was looking at the Killabee one on Amazon but I feel like it’s going to be complete shit.


Has anyone used this chair?

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24th Nov 2018

I have about $200 (maybe a little more) to spend on a new chair, and I need it to have these features :

#1. Built for Big & Tall guys

#2. Lots of adjustable parts (like the back/arm rests)

#3. Good construction that will last 5+ years (my current chair has started squeaking bad after a year)

Is there anything you would recommend for me? I was looking at This chair, but recently I have heard a lot of negative things about these “racing” style chairs.. I can’t find a good office chair that has comparable features to that chair though. :/