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Memory Foam Arched Cuddle Pillow Couples Pillow, Arched Cuddle Pillow with Slow Rebound Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow for Arm Rest, Anti Pressure Hand Pillow (Left, Water Cube)?

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14th Aug 2020

I just bought a two person spooning pillow today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B1LXDNV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_gXKnFbXAYBFAW

It’s not expensive. I would buy it and try it. It will show her how much you wish you could cuddle. Put a bow on it and leave it on the bed. Make a nice dinner and do the dishes.

Then, during dinner, tell her you reeeeally want to try cuddling. But you’re afraid that if it still hurts she will be hurt or disappointed. Tell her that her feelings mean everything to you and cuddling is the best part of your night. But then once the pain sets in it’s hard to feel loving or anything else but pain. Ask her if, IF the pillow doesn’t work, she can work on maybe holding hands? Tell her you don’t want to come to any definitive conclusions and she doesn’t have to decide now. But ask her to really try to think about how it might feel to be in your position. Ask her what she would want you to do if roles were reversed. Give her hugs before and after this conversation. Be very reassuring.

Think of it like a love battery. She needs to get that battery charged. So tell her you want to make up for it in other ways. See if you can come up with some fun, sweet ways to give her affection. Talk about it without her having to ask. If she knows you care and think about it when she’s not around, she will feel soooo much better.