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Mellow Queen Bed Frame – 10 inch Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed/Wooden Slat Support/Mattress Foundation(No Box Spring Needed), Queen, Black?

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18th Jan 2021

Nice! I attached a Kent Coffey bookcase headboard to a queen frame this summer. I worked out a solution that fit the headboard, not the other way around. My challenge was easer since I didn’t have a footboard. One solution for both headboard and footboard are those cheap, generic bed frames. Some are designed to have attachments on both ends, but you may have to fiddle with the height and where they attach. (And they are designed to use their meta feet as well) Another option might be to actually get some wooden side rails that are close in finish or could be refinished to match. Side rails actually are somewhat generic in how they attach, they are typically either hook-style or bolt-style (and there are adapters). With the adjustable plates, it looks like you could do either full or queen size and would be ‘easy’ with hook-style bed rails. (Just be sure to measure the length of the rails as they’d be longer on a queen)

In my case my intention was to keep the headboard on the floor as shown in your picture and to have the shelf and sliders at or above the level of my mattress. My solution was to get a finished black metal bedframe that came as a platform bed and used wooden slats instead of my 5.5″ boxspring. These headboards/footboards are *low* and my big a-ha moment was to aim for a platform bed-type frame/solution over any kind of boxspring. This allowed me a solution that resulted in my mattress not being taller than the shelf (personal preference).

I ended up with this 10″ platform bed frame. The frame looks nicer than the generic adjustable frames, it included slats in place of my boxspring, it has a center support arm and center support foot, and it allowed headboards to be attached (not always common). In my case, the black metal frame just blends under the bed: the focus is on the headboard. There are platform beds that have wood instead of metal but the costs start getting prohibitive.