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Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16″ – Easy Care – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 PC (Queen, Burgundy)?

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15th Nov 2019

In my opinion, what is worse than just cost reduction from operation scale in regards to small businesses is the memberships and credit cards that try to get the customers to commit to the seller. You’ll simply never be able to achieve that as a small business, nor should you.

I imagine what they mean by ‘secret selling and marketing data’ is all the data they collect from the site. Beyond the significance of the raw data (seeing the keywords customers search from google, which items/colors sell the best) you can even control and suggest your products against the competition. Like these bedsheets, it will try to show you the amazon alternative in 3 areas on the page. The first “Similar item to consider” will only show if amazon has an alternative for that product and won’t show if you’re looking at an amazon item. The bar at the bottom of the page will only show amazon or amazon exclusive items if viewing an amazon page, otherwise, it may only include one or two.

You’d even have to consider that amazon won’t be paying the expensive “fulfilled by amazon” warehouse costs or the sell cut that sellers must pay. Imagine a mall that on top of the monthly rent, force you to set up displays for their products right at your checkout line that always undercut your products.