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Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Vacuum Stainless Thermal Carafe (46894A)?

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23rd Feb 2016

I regularly make coffee at a 1:20 ratio in this drip machine:


60 grams of beans to ~1500 ml water (1 full carafe).

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16th Aug 2015

I use this one:


It’s awesome. Uses a cone filter and I like that. I’ve slipped a meat thermometer into the slurry and tried to keep the lid closed as much as I could. Measured at around 190 degrees F and does a good job. I imagine the water is a bit hotter than 190.

Definitely get the one with the thermal carafe. It has a hot plate that warms the carafe, but after that it shuts off and keeps the coffee drinkably hot for 6-10 hours if you leave the carafe sitting cooped up in its little spot in the machine.

Edit: Also, for whatever reason, this coffee maker only requires 60 grams for the 10 cups / 50 oz full pot. I’m a big fan of the standard 1:16 ratio, but it’s really not needed here.

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24th Jul 2015

If you’re not using the K-Cups I recommend this coffee maker:


Make as much or as little coffee as you want by pouring in just the amount of water you want to pour in.

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19th Feb 2016

I use this at home:


Not officially SCAA certified, but it gets the slurry over 190 so that’s good enough for me. Uses a thermal carafe so the coffee stays hot almost all day, whereas a glass carafe with a hot plate would scorch the coffee sitting in there.

I recommend about 60 grams of coffee and completely fill the carafe, so that’s about a 1:20 ratio. Most folks here recommend 1:16 or so, but I find the slightly lower ratio is better in this machine.

Price for a new one is a little high right now, but check the other buying options. Amazon Warehouse has some new but repackaged for $32 something.


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6th Oct 2015

Try to find one of these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EI7DPTY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=11

Melitta 10 cup, thermal carafe, and keeps the water hot for the whole process.

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13th Jul 2015

Like /u/swroasting said, you’re making espresso, and at least for me, that’s pretty rough on the gut. I can handle a little bit, but not often.

Instead, try switching to any other brewing method. Cold brew will probably be a good option, as long as you use a paper filter. Search on this sub for more info on that.

Another good option might be an Aeropress with the paper filters, or a pour over like the Hario V60, or I’ve had excellent luck lately with this drip machine using these filters. Those filters are excellent at their job and produce a very clean cup of coffee.

Note that with most of those ways to make coffee, it will be quite different from your Espresso. Espresso is very “dense” – you get a lot of caffeine in a little bit liquid drink, so you end up diluting it with milk. Coffee made with any of the other machines will use more coffee and produce a much “weaker” liquid, so you’ll probably want to add less milk and drink more coffee.

I used to do French Press, and had the same trouble as Espresso – the metal filter isn’t fine enough to catch all the coffee. You’ll probably also want to stay away from a Moka Pot.

Once you look into some different coffee styles, feel free to come back with any questions!

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15th Jul 2015

An aeropress will be great if you take the time to learn it and use it.

For a good, inexpensive, set it and forget it drip machine, get this Melitta machine with thermal carafe and get these Melitta #4 Cone filters.

That’s a killer programmable drip machine, and it has the option to do a regular, bold, or robust brew. If you’re used to a Moka pot, then using a bit of extra coffee and setting it for robust might do the trick.

Note that the paper filters produce a “cleaner” cup of coffee than you might be used to, so maybe a Gold Cone #4 filter would work better for you. I don’t like like them because they let little bits of fine coffee through, but your Moka Pot was letting them through as well so maybe you’ll like it.

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9th Nov 2015

I agree, those are definitely in the higher end of coffee pots. I would recommend something like this or For a little bit more than 50