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MEKO Wood Digital Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms, Larger LED Display, 3 Levels Brightness, Dual Alarms, 3 Levels Volume Snooze Function and Nightlight Wooden Electric Besides Clock?

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10th Feb 2021

Here’s the Amazon link

I love it! Came with a wall adapter (thought it was only gonna come with a USB power cable) and even has an extra USB port on the back you can use to power other devices/lights :]

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18th Apr 2021

MEKO Wood Digital Alarm Clocks… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XGJP62H?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I’m happy with it, although the : between the H and MM on the clock display blinks continuously. There is no way to turn it off.

I took a razor knife and cut two dimples out of electrical tape, and placed them over the LED’s. Was an easy fix.

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7th Apr 2021

Thanks! Link