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Mejoroom Bed Sheets Set,Extra Soft Luxury Queen Size Sheets with 15-inch Deep Pocket,Premium Bedding Collection – Breathable Wrinkle Fade Stain Resistant Hypoallergenic – 4 Piece (Queen, Black)?

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3rd Jun 2021

I’m insanely particular about textures and feel when it comes to products. So when I say these sheets are insanely soft, you better believe it. Bamboo sheets tend to either be dirt cheap or a couple hundred dollars, I’ve never tried the expensive side but these have done just great. I will say I’ve only had them for a month or two so I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to call them buy it for life. Also, I’m still unsure if they’re cooler than regular summer percale sheets. If anything, when it’s been hot, I feel like they may be a little hotter.

But all the ramblings aside, they only cost $25 and have free returns. Give em a try and tell me what you think.