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18th May 2019

I use all type of skin care brands from Asian, European to American. Morning I wash my face with Perfect Whip Collagen, then I recently incorporated Aveda Calm concentrate into my regimen because it’s good for redness (not sure if it’s really working). Then I use Dr.Wu toner and serum, followed by Avene 20SPF hydrating cream.

At night I remove my makeup using Biore Cleanser (Japanese Line) and exfoliate my skin 1-2 a week then the same Dr.Wu toner + serum. Lastly depending how dry my skin is I will either use the “A.H.C Hydra B5 Ceramice Balm” or “NO.7 Advanced night cream”. My skin is combination, it gets really dry in winter season and oily at the same time. Now that east coast is warmer now I haven’t been using much heavy cream for couple months now.

I’ve been taking Meiji collagen powder to help collagen regrowth and Bio K plus probiotic capsule supplements to help with regularity. Last night I used clean & clear acne treatment with salicylic acid all over my face and woke up with more inflamed cheeks! 🙁

I also added an unusual skin care to my regimen prior to all the skin flare up. “ 7 day ageversal multi-peptides anti-aging Ampoule by DR.WU “
There came in small glass capsules and you can use each one twice. I went through 3 and stopped because I was tending to the skin condition and forgot about it.

Biore Makeup Cleansing Oil (been using for 9 years)

DR WU essence for toner

DR. WU serum

A.H.C Hydra B5 Ceramide Balm

NO.7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Night Cream

Meiji Amino Collegen Powder

Bio K Plus Supplement