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24th Sep 2017

The Issue: need help with products and a routine, current one isn’t cutting it and I don’t know what to do. Problems with face and scalp.

Skin type: Dry, gets fat at end of day. Blemish prone skin, more so on the scalp. Example: If I take a pen and push it down gently and make a line on my arm, I will get a raised red line that lasts for 5minutes. My scalp is my main worry atm, I occasionally get raised bumps, mostly on the back of the scalp and neck. Get about 3-5 pimples every week, some smaller and some bigger. When I get a haircut the hairdresser always asks if shes combing too hard or getting too close to my skin since my scalp turns red and gets irritated. I’m 27 years old on a vegetarian diet with about 1dl of dairy intake per day.

Current routine: I wash my face with Bulldog Original Face Wash and moisturies with Bulldog Original Moisturiser every morning and night. I wash my hair/scalp with Sevorex 3 times a week, a shampoo that only seems to be sold in Sweden. It contains 10mg salicylic acid, 50mg sulfur per gram. Rest of the days I only use water to clean my hair.

Anything new: I’ve started to change my pillowcase every third day, and my bed sheets every fifth. Been doing this for 1½ weeks.

Location: I live in Sweden.