Medieval Priest Monk Robe-Hooded Cap Cloak for Wizard Sorcerer (L/Black)?

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30th Sep 2015

Haven’t found golden/tan/yellow robes, but if it’s possible to get the color you want with a dye and weathering, this robe has a good basic shape. Considerably cheaper than other cosplay/fair attire shops.

Wide hood, short shoulder cloak, full length. To get the profile as close to your reference picture, a large square sheet could have a hole for your head in the middle, and could be draped over your shoulders and across your front & back after some weathering.

I couldn’t find any robes outside sith-colored ones that have insanely large sleeve tapers, so I’d drape more fabric over your arms from the elbow down. That would allow lots of tearing and cutting to get the raggedy shape the image has.

A golden yellow dye bath with the white robe, followed by a diluted brown bath to get the seams and edges lightly dyed (I’d brush on a bit more on the edges of the frayed bits as well) will get the color you want.