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Mederma (Aqua Glycolic) Advanced Dry Skin Therapy Facial Cleanser 6 oz?

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16th Nov 2015

To add some Asian beauty products to your routine, check out this collection:

I agree with the others…use a BHA toner like this:
http://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Glycolic-DEL-RAY371245-Facial-Cleanser/dp/B004MBS5UU/ref=sr_1_20?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1447632269&sr=1-20&keywords=glycolic+acid after you cleanse to bring your Ph level back to normal

Use an oil free, non-comedogenic moisturizer with Vitamin C. Your daytime moisturizer doesn’t have to have main acne fighting ingredients…but make sure it has at least spf 30 I use philosophy turbo booster C powder mixed with a BB creme with high spf

PM routine:
I get that you want a hydrating cleanser and since you’re looking to switch you should try Purpose gentle cleansing wash. It’s super gentle, soap-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. But it does a great job at taking off makeup and providing a deep cleanse.

It seems like you may be really drying your skin out…which paradoxically may be causing your skin to produce more oil. If your acne is really bad (like it’s cystic or very painful) consider talking to your doctor about a retinoid product. I switched from BP to Retin A and I will never look back! If you wanna stay with the BP then I suggest doing one day on one day off and making sure you moisturize religiously

Also…you need some heavy moisture based on all the drying ingredients you got there. Try this: http://www.neutrogena.com/product/mobile/more+ways+to+browse/new+products/hydro+boost+water+gel.do
It feels like heaven on your face and is a great moisturizer to wear at night.

For spot treatments try this: http://cosmetic-love.com/collections/acne-blemish-treatments/products/cosrx-acne-pimple-master-patch-24ea
or a salicylic acid spot treament. This is meant to exfoliate the skin cells to decongest the pore rather than “dry” up the pimple.

I would stay away from baby oil when you take off makeup. I do the purpose wash. It’s so gentle if you get it in your eyes you can’t even feel it.

You can consider some tech tools to help if changing your product routine doesn’t help. I use the foreo luna mini and I swear i have less breakouts since I started using it nightly in the shower.

Good Luck!