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MechanicalEagle Z-77 Mechanical Keyboard with 10-Mode RGB Backlit,Tenkeyless Wired Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches – DIY Replaceable Switches – Black?

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13th Sep 2018

I was really impressed with the E-Element Z-77. It’s a sturdy board with decent RGB backlighting. The Outemu hotswap sockets are handy for trying different switches, even if you’re limited to those with the narrower pins like Outemu ICE, Invyr Panda and BSUN. It’s got a standard bottom row so keycap compatibility isn’t a problem. The thick steel faceplate makes it very rigid and gives it a lot of heft.

Definitely a decent set of features for just $45 on Amazon.

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10th Jul 2018

Yeap, there are a few on amazon and there’s probably more on chinese dropship sites. I don’t have any experience with them though.

Edit: Fuck these products unless it goes down to $20 or something, buy the tecware phantom chicken recommends.

~~The mechanicalragle z-77 is probably the cheapest on amazon. the rainbow backlit(Not rgb) version has went lower than $25 before: (Edit: I think there was a price mistake once that dropped it to $9 once… but shouldn’t expect that)~~


~~The rgb version is $37 right now:~~


Seems like it just comes with preset lighting modes and isn’t programmable.

Note that these come with “blue switches”. No brand name. Read the reviews, seems like the switches will have keycap incompatibilities.

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22nd Jul 2018

The E-Element Z-77 TKL RGB is available for $39.99 on Amazon

It has customizable RGB backlighting, hot-swappable Outemu Blue switches and a standard bottom row for compatibility with custom keycap sets. It’s a really solid-feeling board weighing 2.3 pounds with a thick steel switchplate and decent build quality. There’s a site with additional information and reviews here.

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30th May 2018

I’ve been really happy with my E-Element Z-77 TKL RGB.

It has hot-swappable Outemu Blue switches, RGB backlighting and sturdy build quality.

Currently available on Amazon for $47.99 with free shipping to U.S. addresses.