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MechanicalEagle 7000 Multicolor Backlit 104 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches (Black)?

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19th May 2016

[H]elp Finding $50 Backlit Tactile Non-Clicky Keyboard (Brown/Clear) ?

I am not concerned with getting legitimate Cherry MX switches. The clones are fine with me. I know there are mixed feeling on the clones on /r/MechanicalKeyboards but as I’ve never owned a mechanical keyboard, I’m willing to give the clones a try.

I have found MANY backlit mechanical keyboards at the $50 price point, but almost all of them have tactile clicky (Blue) switches.

Examples of keyboards I like (sans switch type):


  • Hard $50 limit
  • Tactile Non-Clicky Switches (preferably closer to MX Clear than MX Brown)
  • Black/dark color keyboard
  • Backlit (RGB or non-RBG, however preferably not only blue)
  • Full size keyboard (103/104-key)
  • Absolutely no “giant” Enter key (The L-shaped one)

I know I am being picky and demanding a lot for $50. However, There are two keyboards listed above that match everything except the switch type, so I can only assume that what I am looking for exists out there somewhere.

Does anyone know of a keyboard that matches what I want?