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Mechanical Keyboard Wireless, Velocifire TKL71WS 71-Key Tenkeyless Compact Size Gaming Keyboard with Brown Switches& Ice Blue Backlit for Copywriters, Typists, and Programmers?

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5th Aug 2020

I unfortunately don’t know of any hotswap ones, but this velocifire one has a good tae keyboards review and is inexpensive enough that you could just buy a cheep soldering iron to go along with it. here

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22nd May 2021

Sure! The keyboard brand is Velocifire. Here is a link for more information on it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VRJ8Y4Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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25th Oct 2020
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16th Sep 2019

I wanted a small form factor wireless keyboard for work. Traveling. After seeing their giveaway here on Reddit, I decided to look them up and saw that they focus on a more professional office type consumer. That appealed to me. The cheap price point also appealed to me. After receiving it, I feel like it’s a quality board and I wanted to share that here.

Keyboard: Velocifire TKL71WS from their site. They also sell it on Amazon right now for $45 which is less than what I paid because of shipping.
Keycaps: YMDK Cherry profile retro from AliExpress

General: My only other keyboard is a full sized alienware one, so this is my first attempt at something more unique. This thing just feels solid. Doesn’t flex much even when trying hard. I’m not savvy enough to take it apart and critique the pcb. Apologies for that. Macros and manual light settings are done on the keyboard with no web app or desktop app needed.

I bought O rings and a protective bag to go along with it. Very pleased with both. I love the clicking and claking on a keyboard, but this is a travel board and I’m sometimes in open-office environments. I have to be considerate. The travel bag fits perfect and has an extra pocket for cables and a mouse. I also paid a little extra for those blue gradient keycaps. Those aren’t my style. lol

Wireless functionality: Again, I’m not technically savvy enough for this. Bluetooth 2.4. I only experienced missed keystrokes when being away from my PC with the board on my lap and feet up on a desk. Maybe 6 feet or so away. But this isn’t something I’ve tested all that much, so please don’t take my word for it here. Here’s how not techie I am… Why do I need a bluetooth dongle to plug into my laptop that should already have USB functionality on it?

Switches: Switches are brown, and they only sell browns. They’re clear. I don’t know what else I can share.

Lighting: Blueish/white. Only one color. 11 settings, but an ability to record new settings. I don’t plan on messing with that. I don’t care much for lighting, but it is fun. These settings are neat and it left me wanting more. Would going full RGB have been more expensive? There’s full RGB lighting on the side that also has different settings. It’s neat.

Keycaps: The ones they came with are nice. Doubleshot and the light shines through. I don’t have the tool to measure, but I’m fairly certain they aren’t 1.5mm. They have all the necessary info on them, which is nice.

3rd party keycaps: The reason why you see blanks are because they have three non-standard row keys. ‘Pause’, ‘PgUp’, and ‘PgDn’. YMDK support mentioned that it would be a considerable wait to have them printed, so I settled on blanks. I asked for some red keycaps for the arrow keys. I’m perfectly happy with the blanks and have no intention of changing. I understand that folks here like DSA caps, but I’m on this thing a lot and cherry profile is supposed to favor typists. These caps are thicker than the ones that came with the board and are also slightly textured. They’re f’n solid. I had low expectations and couldn’t have been more wrong.

Pics: You guys post such nice photos. I had like a mini photoshoot for this thing. lol

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14th Oct 2020

You’ll be able to get it, it’s going to be mass produced, they’re just going through their kickstarter, heard it was available on taobao but I’ll have a look now to see what’s up.


There’s also this option which is cheap as hell and likely decent: