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Mechanical Keyboard – KBP v60 – Black Case – Dual Light Blue/Red- Cherry Mx-Blue?

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3rd Jan 2016

Lol, blank keycaps are pretty popular in the mechanical keyboard community.

The Planck is pretty DIY (i.e. you order the components of the site, then assemble them – includes soldering). The cool thing is the firmware is customizable (so you can change the key mappings) and the board is pretty hackable overall (so you could make it work with bluetooth if you got a little Bluetooth Arduino module).

If you don’t want the bother of building the keyboard or don’t have the time, I’d recommend looking into a few 60% keyboards:

Not wireless:

  • Keyboard Paradise v60 – I personally own this keyboard, and can vouch for it. Very compact, slightly not standard key locations for escape and arrow keys, but you adjust quickly.

  • Poker 3 – Very popular in the mechanical keyboard community.


  • Royal Kludge – 60%, doesn’t have Cherry MX switches (the best quality Keyboard switches out there). Still worth checking out.
  • Varmilo VB87M – TKL, but bluetooth. Only a few days left to purchase on Massdrop.

The mechanical keyboards subreddit wiki has loads more options to choose from. These are just ones that I could get quick access to on amazon and are keyboards I’ve bought or looked at.

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19th Feb 2016

Well you can request a new group buy on massdrop : https://www.massdrop.com/buy/kbparadise-v60-mini-gateron

You can also buy it on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-Black-Cherry-Mx-Blue-PC/dp/B00XGMPXK6

Depends on your country and the switches you want