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Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin & Light, Kailh Latest Low Profile RED Switches, 104 Keys N-Key Rollover HV-KB395L?

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15th Sep 2018

Looking for a low profile full size keyboard with light pressure needed, no tactile click, and is on the quiet side. RGB preferred. This is my first home mechanical board. Cost hopefully around $150 or less. From what I’ve read, Cherry reds or similar seem to be up my alley.

I saw this keyboard posted before, thoughts?

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25th Sep 2018

Hi! I am looking for a mechanical keyboard that satisfies the number of very specific parameters.

  • Red (or brown) Switch

  • low profile

  • 104 keys

  • open board design

  • backlight (no matter what type)

  • caps with russian language included (and can be shipped to Russia)

Best matches I’ve found satisfy 4 or 5 of those parameters, and none that would satisfy all. If you know a keyboard that satisfy all of the above, please let me know.

Here’s an example that fits almost all parameters (does not have Russian language option): This one is very close to what I want, but it does not have a Russian language option. :