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Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo, E-YOOSO Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse 87 Keys Blue Switches Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Backlit & RGB LED Sidelight and Mouse Pad, for Windows/Mac/PC Gaming?

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1st Jun 2021

I appreciate the response! I understand it’s not exactly for the enthusiast with money to spend on boards so all good there.

It seems like you skirted around some of my questions though, the ones I would think are the important ones.

So the whole kit is $30 and comes with keycaps and switches. Will there be an offer for an even cheaper kit without caps and switches?

Have you talked to any manufacturers about pricing or sourcing the parts for this?

How do you plan to keep shipping free while also including everything for $30?

Also, I’m not sure if it’s cheaper than every other option on the internet. Amazon has this board (3-pin hot swap, RGB, caps and switches) for $35.99 that comes with a mouse as well.

Again I don’t want anyone to think I hate this idea. If you can make this work then a lot of people will see this as an incredible deal. I’m just skeptical about the feasibility.