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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Vortexgear Pok3r 60%, ABS Double Shot Translucent Keycaps, RGB LED Backlit, 61 Keys (Aluminium CNC Casing) (Cherry Mx Blue)?

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29th Oct 2016

That’s an NPKC KC60 keyboard. Here’s a better picture. I got mine through Massdrop. Though if you are mainly interested in the form factor (it’s a 60% keyboard, so no arrow keys, no number pad, and even no function keys!), there are lots of options.

Probably the most popular right now is the Vortex POK3R, which you can also get through Massdrop when they run a drop, but also through places like Amazon.

Just a warning: these things are not cheap. Mine was around $100, and the key caps were purchased separately, and probably cost close to as much as the keyboard by themselves.

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22nd Sep 2016

A quick search on Amazon and it looks like Vortex has them in stock.

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26th Oct 2016

Keyboard with MX blues

Demon keycap made by a fellow redditor

Edit: on mobile but the rubber keys are Rosewill rubber keys, those are on Amazon as well.