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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60%, 60 Percent Keyboard Compact with Customization LED Rainbow Backlit, Wired Mechanical keyboard with Detachable Type C Cable, Ergonomic Keyboard for Windows Mac PC Gamers?

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18th Sep 2021

Deal seems to be dead, but in case it comes back, this link won’t change your Amazon to Spanish: https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-Customization-Detachable-Ergonomic/dp/B09BKW8ZN7

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20th Sep 2021

Down to $12.99 (with new coupon)
$18 off as of Monday, September 20th, 2021 10:31 AM (EDT)
Proof Direct link to Amazon (to US-English this time).

Here are the comments I’ve made about this Keeb at some point:

I’ve received mine. It is a decent one Keeb for $30.
A very low risk for those who what to check if they like the 60% layout.
I would only recommend for those who are not sure if the layout would work for them. Having this as a secondary Keeb or as a gift to someone for the same purpose.
For $15 (or $12) it is a steal, if only to keep as a secondary or travel Keeb.

(Answering a question about being hot-swappable)
It does not seems to be. There is not documentation. Just the keeb, cable, and a keycap puller.
Here you will be able to see everything that comes with it.
(I cannot confirm with 100% certainty it is not, because I did not test it myself and I did not find anything stating that it is not… but I am 100% certain it is not =) )