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Max Keyboard Gateron + Zealios + Tealios Key Switch 12-Key Tester Kit (Printed PBT Keycap with Key Switch Color Printed)?

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20th May 2021

Boy oh boy do I have the stim toy for you. You can find them cheaper elsewhere but for convinces sake I’m going to just list Amazon so that you know what I’m referring to. I found it for way cheaper elsewhere though. Its not technically a stim toy but I use it as one. I think I have a video of it on my page


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9th Jan 2021

Not an actual answer, but you could try getting a switch tester, they often come with many different switches. Buying individual switches would be weird with shipping costs and what not, so it might honestly be better.

It would definitely help you figure out if you like tactile or linear, but it wouldn’t have the exact switches you mentioned.

Something like this is what I’m thinking about.

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20th Sep 2020

Oh hah. The actuation point and response time are manufacturing notes. I’ve never seen a switch review concernes about actuation vs response time. Most people will talk about sound, feel, smoothness, bump size. I know people like to advertise response time cuz they think we think it’s cool, but we almost never bring it up.

This is a really good tester: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087Q1Z391/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_FfWzFb3WX7XPC

Zeals and Teals are artisan grade switches. Gateron black and brown are the economy alternative. Blue is the only clicky. The rest are variants of bunch.

Then you can be sure what you like when you buy.