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Max Keyboard Falcon-8 Programmable Macropad Mechanical Keyboard, Backlit Multicolor LED, Cherry MX RGB Switch (Cherry MX RGB Brown)?

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12th Dec 2020


Have 20 key version
Software included is great, robust, much easier to learn than QMK, multiple layers etc

Direct from maxkeyboard is lower in price

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7th Aug 2020

I’ve never been a fan of wrist wrests, but that’s just me. If you enjoy having one, that’s a good addition to consider. As for the media keys, they are definitely useful if you listen to a lot of music. I use Spotify personally and I sort of get around that issue by tapping the volume up & down buttons once to bring up this Windows 10 feature, but that’s just a temporary fix. Not sure if that gets pulled up with other media than spotify, but there’s a good chance it does.

There’s also macropads like this that you can buy if you go for a Ducky, both premade and programmable ones. I’m sure there’s cheaper out there, this was just one that I found. Same thing goes for a wrist rest if you do really want one, but end up going for a Ducky board.

Pretty much, my answer will always be Ducky > Razer and then you can look into fixes for the small inconveniences like those. With a similar price overall including the extra additions, I’d say always go Ducky over Razer.