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Max Keyboard Cherry MX Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners 50A – 0.4mm Reduction (130pcs)?

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8th Jul 2018

I just found these on amazon. supposedly they are .4mm reduction and are harder to provide less of a mushy feel, but what I am curious about is how much louder is it if it is harder. I like the price point of the banggood orings but the specs of these look more appealing. You think these would be any good?


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10th Mar 2018

I use brown switches in my office with o-rings on the firmer side. I mainly put the o-rings on because I like how the browns feel when you bottom out with them better. No complaints from anyone in the office, definitely much quieter than blues.

Edit: These are the exact ones I have, though it looks like Amazon doesn’t carry that brand now.

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4th Feb 2016

You could also pick up a pack of rubber o-rings that fit around the keyboard stem to buffer the noise of the key hitting the board.
something like this

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17th Jul 2015

My rationale for the chosen products:

  • CPU: Intel quad-core, hyper threaded, unlocked CPU clocked at 4,0GHz with a turbo boost up to 4,4GHz. You can learn a whole lot about CPUs in the videos above. Overclocking, hyper threading and the CPU buying guide are videos that I highly recommend. This will do a great job for most consumers that a little bit of editing, rendering, etc.

  • CPU Cooler: When overclocking a CPU, you will create more heat, so you need to use a cooler that can dissipate this well enough. I decided to go for a liquid all-in-one unit from LEPA. The reasoning behind it; it looks cool, it’s keeps the CPU temperature low enough without needing to let the fans spin up very fast and it is not super expensive compared to the best air coolers. You can learn more about radiators in the video above, this will help you understand that a 240mm radiator will be enough for our CPU. Here is a detailed written review. In short; great cooler for the price.

  • Motherboard: Z97 chipset is the best chipset currently available for mainstream consumers. It got the most features out off all the 1150 chipsets available and also is designed to allow overclocking. Now because you wanted a relatively small case, I decided to go for an M-ATX sized board. This means you have a few expansion options but not as much as an ATX board. I decided to go for this board because it got all the features you need. Here is a very detailed written review again.

  • Memory: RAM is RAM. Speed does not matter as seen in the video above, so the only thing that does is capacity. So I decided to go for a 2x8GB kit which means you get 16GB for now and can later upgrade to 32GB if required. This will be a very good amount of RAM for a lot of programs.

  • Storage: Click (SSD) & click (HDD). Both of these drives are awesome for the price. The SSD especially is a beast. 2,2TB of storage for now, but you can later always add more if needed.

  • Video : You asked for the GTX980Ti so I included it, ~~now I have to point out one thing first, because of budget. I was not able to get in a monitor that actually would justify the beast that this GPU is. You can buy a GPU half the price and still have a great gaming experience on the monitor.~~ Anyway, here is a detailed written review.

  • Case: Click. Now this video review should be enough to make you love this case. It’s on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend to not use the side bracket for the SSD/HDDs. You can mount the reservoir in the top as either intake or exhaust.

  • Case fans: Stock fans are fine and good enough, no need to replace them.

  • Power Supply: 5 year warranty, 80+ bronze, fully-modular black sleeved cables, 620W PSU from SeaSonic. This PSU is more than enough power for this system that will pull around 450-475W at most during extreme loads.

  • OS: Windows 10 will come out soon so if you get 8 or 7 doesn’t really matter to much now, although Win 10 will have a bunch off stuff that comes directly from 8. So the jump from 8 to 10 won’t be as dramatic compared to coming from 7.

  • Monitor: You asked for a 144Hz monitor so I went for it. It’s a great monitor for the price. Here is another detailed written review.

  • Keyboard: Did not had a lot of budget left here so my options were very limited. Decided to go for the AZIO MGK1. Here is an objective look at the keyboard compared to a Ducky Shine 3 (about double the price!). The fact that it also got white backlightning makes it fit very well with our PC. It is a little bit on the louder side of things, but that’s with most mechanical keyboards, you get used to the sound fairly quickly. It’s just that room mates will hate you. You can reduce the noise by buying dampers tho, in case you or other people want you to shut up!

  • Headphones: Click (LinusTechTips), Click (HardwareCanucks), Click (Tek Syndicate). I give you 3 videos because, they all pretty much say the same thing and just so you understand that they are amazing. There is no difference between the red and the white one aside from the name being “pro” for the reds.

Hope you like it and If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.