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MATRIXYL 3000 4 oz Serum with Organic Hyaluronic Acid, Official Sederma Matrixyl 3000, Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle, Collagen Boost ASTERWOOD NATURALS Clear Glass Bottle?

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22nd Mar 2017

If you google the main ingredients, there are a lot of companies that make similar product for less (Amazon & eBay). for instance,

This Matrixel 3000 is the same as the Ordinary. You can find MANY different serums (vit cs etc, anti-aging) at Marshalls too at a CHEAP price like $5-$10. You can find online for larger quantities. Just google it. Yes, you can find retinol products in the AB world… they don’t market it but read the ingredient list… they are DEFINITELY there. Like the Missha night repair ampoule have retinol… you go to walmart, target, lots of retinols…

The thing is their whole markeing strategy is very effective esp all the YouTubers are talking about it. I do love their product but I’m just saying their skin-telligent (main active focused) apothecary looking products is their marketing stratetegy which is very effective. Their prices are not too bad… BUT they only offer 30 ML on most of their product…