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14th Sep 2017

Sitting beside me while I’m in work today;

x1 Blue Belt.

x1 Ankle brace/sock thing.

x1 Manto Shorts.

x1 Grey Lidl (or maybe Aldi) Rashguard/Compression top.

x1 Black Lidl (or Aldi) Spats/Compression leggings.

x1 Red T-shirt.

x1 Black tracksuit pants

x1 Red Flipflops

x1 Gumshield

x2 Grip tape

x1 Padlock and key

x1 1L bottle of water

x1 Mastering Triangle Chokes

x1 Bag of Jelly babies.

x? Multiple plasters of various sizes

x1 Pair of runners

Only difference is if it’s gi or (tonight) no-gi.

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4th Jun 2017

They just did a new printing and it’s like 27 bucks now. I grabbed it just because I know at some point I’m going to want to get dope with it, and this is the cheapest it’s gonna get. Did finish my first triangle in ages though, so thumbs up.


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26th Nov 2018

Neil Melanson’s Mastering Triangle Chokes


Hopefullly its cheaper somewhere else then Amazon: https://imgur.com/a/5UExkq9


For those who dont want to hit the link:

Amazon has it listed for: 3,214.79

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8th Jun 2017


Ask, and ye shall receive. It was out of print when i first looked for it, but last week, this appeared in my Amazon feed. New editions, ~$26.

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29th Aug 2015