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25th Feb 2022

I bought a mastectomy pillow for it and honestly it was the one thing I that I wouldn’t have wanted to do without (other than the stool softener, oof). It’s great for padding your chest from a seat belt for the first few days, and helps make sleeping at night much more comfortable — it can be uncomfortable to have your elbows dropped all the way to your sides. It was also more comfortable to be able to prop my arms on it when sitting around on the couch. I got this one, which had a little pocket for my phone. I didn’t end up having trex arms, but it would have been a lifesaver if I did lol You can also make homemade ones easily, I just wasn’t in a DIY mood about it.

A back scratcher was a help.

A water bottle that won’t spill if you have limited use of your arms. I drank so much water in the first week. Like. so. much.

Lots of pillows. Even if your surgeon doesn’t require it, it’s more comfortable sleeping propped up into a sitting position. It’s hard to lie all the way back and get up from being horizontal at first.

Loose clothing. Most people recommend button-ups for shirts. In my case I actually had an easier time pulling things over my head than getting my arms behind me (ain’t I special lol), so a huge tshirt and sweater were my go-to for a couple days. And pants that are easy to pull on. It can really hurt to pull at first, even baggy sweatpants.

And a stool softener. It’s common to be blocked up after surgery, between the anesthesia and the opioid pain killers. Start taking one right away even if you think you won’t need it. They take a couple days to do the thing, and lemme tell you it’s an uncomfortable wait.

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26th Dec 2020



this pillow has been a godsend to protect the area while you are walking around, wearing a seatbelt in the car or even just to put pressure while you’re walking so you dont have all the pressure on your incisions.