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Massage Gun for Athletes, Deep Tissue Percussion Massager for Muscle Pain Relief with 6 Massage Heads, Muscle Recovery After Sports Activities, Professional, Quiet and Portable, PerVita Medical PMP10?

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22nd Sep 2021

I haven’t tried it but I bought the Pervita massage gun yesterday and got the Bob & Brad C2 to compare it to today.

The Pervita isn’t as well built as the C2, but at 20 euros less it does a better job at releasing knots for me. The stroke length is definitely something that is important here and the C2 has only 8mm of it (I measured it). The X6 is supposed to have 10.5. That’s better, but the Pervita has a 12mm stroke length and you can absolutely feel the difference between 8mm and 12mm. Not sure if you can feel the difference between 10.5mm and 12mm, but my guess would be that you can.

However, the Bob & Brad X6 is listed at $170 whereas the Pervita is $60. I’m not sure if it’s worth the price difference.

Both charge over USB-C, both are silent (tested the Pervita vs the B&B C2 and similar noise levels, different amplitude). The only reason to go for the X6 would be slightly better ergonomics at the cost of slightly worse muscle penetration. Is that tradeoff worth $110 to you?