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4th Aug 2021


It is 10 bucks and the author has helped a lot of trainees with adding lean body mass. He is one of the premier strength and conditioning coaches in the country. He has worked with middle school kids all the way to professional athletes stay at his house for a few days for training. And has been working with special forces type units for years. I have not run this program personally. But I have utilized his other material.

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28th May 2019

Cool. Buy Mass Made Simple and follow the manual to the T. Start with the Six-week squat 101 workout and then do the 6 week bulking plan. You should be ready for football come fall.

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23rd Sep 2016

What program are you doing? If you’re plateauing, go back to the weights you were training at 4 weeks ago and work back up.

Also, OJ makes me bloated and shit like crazy. In college, when I would get a cold, I’d always try to drink OJ 3x+/day, thinking that would help fight it off. Took a couple of years for me to figure out why I always got horrible diarrhea every time I got a cold.

Don’t drink juice, dude. It’s not doing anything good for you anyway.

And if you want to get big, live by this book for 6 weeks: Mass Made Simple

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30th Nov 2015

I’ve posted this a lot because I like it

mass made simple lite: http://danjohn.net/2012/01/mass-made-simple-lite/

Full version book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Mass-Made-Simple-Dan-John-ebook/dp/B006HXPR66

Full version review: http://www.feelgoodhacks.com/gained-12lbs-6-weeks/