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MartinLogan Motion 15 Gloss Black Bookshelf Loudspeaker?

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27th Sep 2017

Ok, now, not to say you wouldn’t be more than pleased with what I laid out before, but some bookshelf speakers that fall in your range would be as follows (not vouching for quality difference or what’s better than what), anything I link to will be due to lower than MSRP:

• MartinLogan Motion 15 + 30: ~$1200 (normally ~$1500), the seller’s on Amazon are having some discounts.

• KEF Q350 + Q650C: ~$1300.

• NHT C1 + C LCR: ~$1000.

• HSU CCB-8 3.0 package: ~$1255.

• Wharfedale Reva-2 + Reva-C: ~$1150 (normally $1700), the bookshelves are open-box and the center was used as a photo shoot model for the site.

• Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 + Aero 5: $850 (normally $1050), Accessories4Less has the bookshelves for $200 less than other sites. Not sure why, they are authorized sellers/resellers for a ton of major brands, so it’s nothing fishy.

• Focal Aria 905 + Aria CC900: ~$1100, the center is rare to find in the US, so that’s why I linked to it. The bookshelves are $500 from the same site or from Music Direct, it’s $80 more on Amazon.

For the three tower brands I laid out before (Emotiva, HTD, and Q Acoustics), they also have bookshelf variants of course, and other competitors exist as well (HSU’s lower line, Chane, the lower models in KEF’s Q line, etc.). They could be purchased if you wanted an even better receiver (maybe more surrounds) or sub.