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Marathon USB Clock Charger With 2 Front Charging Ports. Hotel Collection With Universal AC Adapter. Emergency Backup Batteries Included. Color – Black Case with Light Blue LED Digits. SKU – CL030055BK?

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4th May 2016

How about this one? White digits on black background, a nice angle so you can see the time, and it has 2 USB charging ports. It also lets you change the brightness of the numbers, which is pretty cool.

Another option is this one. I think this one’s really nice looking too! Again, black with white digits, it looks like wood, it’s got temp+time, voice control, and (optionally) turns the screen off when there’s no sound in the room to save power.

Our sound bar has the time on it, so that’s another option, I guess.. finding a sound bar that displays the time and hooking it in.