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Manhattan 4″x5.5″-inch USB Graphics Tablet with Wireless Mouse and Pen for Home and Office?

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29th Nov 2019

Manhattan is a ‘fly-by-night’ brand; I see them most at Home Depot (renown for their electronics?), Big Lots, and Dollar General (USB cables mostly). You can get these from Amazon for $20 or so (HERE), and from the sound of things on Amazon and elsewhere, it uses default drivers in Windows 7 and 8 to get the job done for the most part. It’s a rehash of an even older product released in the early 2000’s (though I can’t seem to find it), and it’s latest driver pack is for Windows XP, which isn’t terribly helpful in this day and age, unless you plan to use this thing with very old hardware.

If you’re looking to tinker with it on old tech, I recommend the XP pen and touch controls which Microsoft still has out there, or over at oldapps. If you’re plugging it into a 9X system, you’re probably best off with the ME drivers over the NT/2K/XP set, but that would depend on your build. No idea if an old Mac would even recognize this thing. It could be an interesting project if you’re playing with old CAD or art software on a vintage system though- but that’s about where the thing’s merit ends as I see it.

If you’re genuinely looking for a tablet to draw and use, (or even just to dabble in) I’d recommend buying something new. Tablets are getting bigger, better, and cheaper all the time- $30 can get you into the game with something twice as big with passable performance, and $50 or so can get you into some base-level Wacom gear that’ll give pro-level performance. Even if you do get some proprietary drivers to work on this old tablet, it’s doubtful it’s performance is going to be anything close to where technology is now.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck to you going forward! If you need further help, give us a shout here!