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MADETEC Heated Socks ,Electric Heated Socks for Men Women,3.7V Rechargeable Electric Socks with 4000mAh Large Capacity Battery, Foot Warmer for Outdoor Riding Camping Hiking Hunting?

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17th Apr 2021

At least be plugging into something, even 120v, if you want the AC on all night. I like to stop at RV parks with a NEMA 14-50 (50A) service. Places with chargers would be nice but not sure how grocery stores or random parking lots feel about people sleeping there.

If you don’t need to use the back seat take out the bottom to lay flat or if you need it at destination possibly just sleep beside it.

A full 2in mattress topper from IKEA fit nice, though 4in would be better if it would work for you.

If it is going to get cold, like sub 15F (unlikely but FYI), take something extra for your feet/legs in the trunk, it will get very cold. Maybe a 12v heated blanket.

I like to point the front vents over the front seats but it isn’t that important.

The air can get very dry with cold AC on (or used to) and hot outside so I bought a USB humidifier (not that exact one but basically the same).

Cars come and go at parks (and likely parking lots) so something to cover the windows (cardboard?) would be nice or get ready for flashing headlights all night. If you cover the windows you might be able to sleep in parking lots since no one could see you.

If you don’t plug in at night and it will get sub ~50F supercharge to 80%+ before since you will wake up with like 50%-60% and you will want to drive a bit to warm up the battery. I learned this lesson when I only needed ~10% but was supercharing at 17kW because it was 9F and my SoC was 60% (though they have improved the battery heating a lot since late 2018 so maybe not important?).

Get ready for some strange looks and possibly “wtf” questions at RV parks haha.