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M1380 – Lautsprechersystem – Für PC?

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18th Feb 2018

Okay I pretty much get all of what you say, here is the snag. I only have a budget of £100.

This basically leaves me with 3 options

1) Get a soundbar

2) Get some kind of cheap 2.1 setup like this or similar


3) Getting some passive speakers but this is hard within budget, so far I think I want to get these:


That leaves me with £60 to buy the amp, speaker wire, and rca to 3.5mm cable.

4) Get some active speakers such as:


Could you give me advice on options 1,2,3,4 and if 3 is the best could you say if it is possible to spend within my budget nd possibly make some recommendations for amps to drive the speakers?

The use of these speakers is for movies and television and gaming. I will be hooking them up to my samsung smart tv.

Your response was fantastic by the way so thanks for the help!